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The Neocapitalist

Capturing life at the intersection of entrepreneurship, leadership, and the social good.

A Neo-what?

A Neocapitalist: Innovator, Mover and Shaker, the stylists behind Capitalism’s much needed makeover. Anyone crazy enough to believe Capitalism can be system with creativity, freedom and humanity at its core. Believer in a stronger better faster newer capitalism.

I’m a soon-to-be college grad with big ideas about some of the world’s biggest problems.  As an Economics major, I’ve developed a real interest in how capitalism can be used as a vehicle for immense progress throughout the world. Since the global economy was almost capsized by abuses by financial institutions within a capitalistic system, I can see how this might not be such a popular perspective. There are a lot of people who would agree with the notion of capitalism being an exploitative force that creates human suffering. Truth be told, there is a well documented history of capitalism going awry and creating a lot of painful deprivation throughout the world. However, I think today we are presented with an opportunity to reinvent one of the most oppressive forces in history.

This blog will serve as a place for big thinkers to refine a collective vision of a new kind of capitalism, one with dynamism and soul. A neocapitalism that enables creativity, encourages innovation and facilitates good. Here, I’ll be recording my observations about how technology, entrepreneurship, new media, and the sheer idealism of a growing corps of neocapitalists are coming together to forge a progressive society. So join me in the conversation about this movement!