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Hey Guys! Here’s the report on how things went last month and what I want to do for January. I have a feeling I’ll be adding to this but this is it for now. enjoy!

1-score high enough on math placement exam to get into calculus- I was excited about this one for sure! The trig preparation I made paid off.

2-complete trinidad research paper-:( Did not complete my research paper. This will be a goal for January.

3- complete a week of nutrition logging and devise nutrition plan – not only did I complete nutrition logging for december, but I decided to use this AWESOME iphone app for people watching their waistlines called Loseit!. It tallies up the calories I consume daily and for the past few weeks I’ve been eating on track to lose weight. If after checking the site you decide to get the app, let me know so I can friend you on there. 🙂

4- At least 3 blogs a weeks.- Did not succeed at this at all.I will be making adjustments for next month.

*Xtra- So I didn’t list this as a goal but it was something on my ToDo list that I’m proud I completed and that’s applying to the ThinkImpact internship for this summer. Submitted my application so we’ll see what they say!

OK, so the goals for this month are the following:

1-Spend 20 minutes on blog monday-friday. – I decided to take a cue from Penelope Trunk’s entry on keeping resolutions and am STARTING SMALL.  I am not self-disciplined enough to produce 3 blogs a week right now so I’ll just start by getting in the habit of working on the blog. I don’t have to finish the blog every time I work on it, I just have to get in the habit of working on the blog daily. Let’s see where this leads me.

2-Spend 45 minutes a day on Trinidad Paper tue, thu, fri, sat- In a similar vein, the research paper I’m working to complete has a lot of different components that I just need to get in the habit of working towards completing a little every day. These days are when I don’t have class.

3-Meditate for 10 minutes every morning when I wake up- I’ve meditated on and off for about a year now. I know it helps with my focus, my mood, and my overall optimism. It’s a process that slowly brings clarity to my thinking…and I miss it. I’d eventually like to develop a practice of meditating for 30  minutes a day but again, I’m building slowly. I’d also like to do group meditation at centers in atlanta so I can feel part of a community.

This is it for now. If another goal floats to the surface, I’ll post it for sure. Let’s kick of 2010 on the good foot. 🙂

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