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Hey guys,

So when I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, like many of you I was incredibly saddened by the event. I donated what I could and followed reports on whatever developments were happening on the ground but for the most part felt it wasn’t enough. As I watched countless stories roll out on CNN and ABC, I reflected on how singular and detrimental the world’s perception of Haiti (and countless “poor” black countries for that matter) was. Prior to the earthquake, Haiti was associated with voodoo, corruption, and a helpless population devoid of much hope. In the torrent of sad stories coming out through the media, I doubt this perception has changed much. I am inviting you to take part in a project that aims to do more than just give money to Haiti.  It aims to deliver a tiny piece of their humanity merely by being a forum that presents Haitians as the multi-dimensional and fully human people that they are.

I’m looking for writers, photographers, and web designers to help me host a blog carnival, that will serve as a space that tells a different story of Haiti. It will be a collection of blogs and photographs that link to each contributor’s respective site. I’d like blogs that deal with experiences, people, and aspects of Haiti’s culture and history that are not present in the news today. You can talk about your Haitian-American friend, a Haitian leader or poet who inspired you, Haitian dance music or food, etc.. As long as you are revealing a sliver of Haiti that is different than one of dependency and helplessness, it will be linked to the site.


If You are a Writer:

Please  send me an email (, by FEB. 12th with Blogger in the subject line, a link to your blog and a copy of the post you’d like to submit. It will be evaluated for content before being linked to the site.

If You are a Photographer:

Please send me an email (kimcampbel@gmail.comFEB. 12th with Photographer in the subject line, a link to your blog, and permission to publish your work on the site. If you have unpublished photos that you would like to share for the carnaval, please attach them to the email.

If You are a Web Designer:

I have a very simple vision for the page. Like seriously, nothing crazy. I am just HTML inept. If you would like to help me put it together, email me with Web Design in the title of the email and I’ll hit you back with a description of what I’m looking for.

If You are None of the Above  but just really dig the idea:

Pass the word along! Email it to people who may be interested via facebook, twitter, or whatever feels right to you. Feel free to email me with suggestions of bloggers or artists who I could reach out to personally.

Thanks for taking time to read this guys. 🙂

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